Why our pies are a great wholesale solution for your business: 


- Locally made in one of Colorado Spring’s only USDA inspected kitchens.

- Our pies come ready to go- with easy instructions! and can be cooked in the oven or microwave. You no longer need to staff a full kitchen to serve a quality food product; our pies are easy to heat by any staff member. 

- We handle the raw ingredients, so you don’t have to! …this also means you don’t have to deal with large inventories with varying expiry dates.

- Easy product inventory = less pilfering 

- Our brand is fast becoming recognized in the greater Colorado Springs area 

- Our unique hot meal option turns any establishment into a destination where customers can carry on enjoying the environment with a satisfied appetite!

- Call 719.650.7344 or use the form to the right to send us an email for more information!